DevOps League Certification Course

Our certification course is the best in the business, formulated through years of research by some of the field's brightest minds. It is designed to be challenging yet inviting — ensuring the foundational principles of DevOps are conveyed while still allowing a student's mind to flourish. The course itself can be completed as quickly or as slowly as the learner learns, but I must encourage you to not rush yourself. Let the material truly "sink in" before moving on to the next phase of the course. The course has two phases.

Phase One consists of two reading assignments: Why I Am The Most Important DevOps Thought Leader and I'm Bringing DevOps Into The Mainstream Like A Big Nasty Momma Cat Carrying Cat Babies In Her Mouth. Both pieces are equally important, and the information inside will be on the test (as well as relevant to the rest of your life as a DevOps professional).

Phase Two is a short multiple choice test. It is presented below. Once you feel you are ready to take it, you may begin at any time.

1: What is DevOps?

A futuristic prison
No, it is not a prison of any kind
A web site
Not really
A software development methodology based mostly around common-sense cultural changes such as greater communication between teams, but may also include an ideal goal of automated infrastructure and continuous delivery.
I don't know.
cmon man

2: Is DevOps good?

oh yeah
This is incorrect
What is it exactly?
man were you even here for question 1
Right on

3: What about Jon, is Jon good?

He's the best
Oh yeah
He is really good
Thank you
I like him
thank you so much
He is bad
Get bent pal

4: Remember that episode of Star Trek TNG where they were caught in a time loop and the ship blew up like 8 times?

Yes that was so sick
hell yeah it was
No, I haven't seen it
Check it out sometime
Yes and that is what I assume DevOps is like
You have immediately passed the test
Yes and this is what Jon's posts are like online
You Fucker

Grade the Test